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Easter is Over Ladies!

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That’s right! Easter is over and it’s time to start thinking about fitting into that beautiful dress. Like I am the one to talk! I’ve gained around 6 pounds over the Easter break as a result of attending family dinners and eating that lovely food from my grandma. It’s really unfair to think of your wedding in Spain during Easter.

No one can resist grandma’s old pie. If you can, then you deserve a gold medal! So what now? Your wedding in Spain is coming up and the dress is tight. Time to start working ladies! Here are a couple of tricks that might help with getting your desired results.

No carbs

I know it’s an obvious one, but this method has proven to be very effective. Start with eliminating bread. It’s spring and fresh vegetables are accessible everywhere.

Not only will the veggies taste great, but they will also help you fit in your dress by your wedding in Spain.

Don’t eat pasta either! It’s hard to complete this diet without cheating, but it you push yourself it might be worth it.

Lemon water

Yes! When you wake up in the morning, cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and add room temperature water. Don’t you dare add sugar. Then it’ll be even worse. Make sure you drink the lemonade. I lost 2 pounds in a week just by doing this. Some people go a bit extreme and take a shot of freshly juiced ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper. That’s too extreme for me.


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No sweets

This one is the hardest one. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then you are up for a challenge. It all depends on how badly you need to lose a couple of pounds by your wedding in Spain. Also, its great if your wedding dress has stretchy fabric. Beware, most don’t. I have most trouble with omitting sweets and candies. Needless to say, avoiding sweet drinks. What I found that really helped me fit in my dress, were dried dates, apricots and sweet potatoes. These are the types of snacks diabetics use to regulate the sugar in their blood. It will help you control your cravings for sugar. Great technique to monitor your weight.

Soon, you’ll find that your body is bikini ready for your wedding in Spain.


You should engage in an intense cardio session at least once a week for a full hour. A one hour running session will burn around 700 calories on average. If you are not a big fan of running, I also found an excellent technique to keep in shape. Walk to work! If work is too far, simply take a thirty-minute walk after dinner. The Italians do this regularly. Why do you think they are so fit? I tried this, and I can honestly tell you that it worked for me.

If it worked for me, it will work for you as well and will ultimately get you fitting in that dress in no time for your wedding in Spain!

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