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Romantic wedding in Malaga

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Many couples hesitate towards choosing the perfect destination for their wedding. A wedding in Malaga is perfect if you like elegance with a slight side of party.

If you are one of those couples who like privacy in their luxurious villas or beach houses with access to a lively town center, then you should have a wedding in Malaga.

First of all, you can access Malaga anytime from anywhere! We have all had that doubt in mind whether we should have a destination wedding. We constantly ask questions like- is it too expensive for our guests to get there? The answer is NO. Malaga is known for cheap Ryan Air flights from all over Europe. There is no excuse for your closest friends and family to miss out on your wedding in Malaga.

Malaga lies on the Costa del Sol with the Mediterranean seaside. Did you know that Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world?

If you are fascinated by culture and history, you should get married in Malaga. You can have beautiful wedding shots taken by a professional wedding photographer in Malaga from the panoramic view from the castle of Gibralfaro. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can enjoy a spectacular view of the city while taking in the history of the city.

Another fun fact – did you know that Pablo Picasso was from Malaga?

Many people don’t. Some couples get their portraits done Picasso style in Malaga. Imagine how amazing it would be to hold a Picasso portrait of you and your beloved. It will be a great story to tell the kids one day. Also, you can brag about having your own Picasso .

If you are really keen for a party and want to keep your wedding guests entertained, you should have your wedding in Malaga in August during the Feria de Malaga. This festival is one of the main highlights of the year, where you can enjoy tapas, wine and souvenirs on the historical streets. Did we mention that flamenco (traditional music of Malaga) is played throughout the Fiera de Malaga?

If you have your wedding in Malaga during August, you will give your guests a memory of a lifetime by supplying them with one big street party they’ll never forget. What happens in Malaga during this event stays in Malaga ;-).

You can also have a dream beach wedding in Malaga by the sunset, or you can private villa wedding. Either way, you will enjoy a cozy pedestrian city center full of history, sophisticated restaurants and hotels, bars on rooftop terraces and amazing tapas.

All in all, cheap flights and a great destination venue. You can fly your guests in cheaply and no one will miss out. No excuses!

Your wedding photos will be amazing with sunset views captured by a professional wedding photographer in Malaga. You can party away with amazing rooftop bars and have the party of a lifetime! Weddings in Malaga are simply amazing!

romantic wedding in Malaga Spain

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