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Weddings in Spain

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Weddings in Spain are glamorous events on the beach or in the heart of the city, filled with joy and lots of sangria. Many brides opt for their weddings in Spain because of five main reasons.

Amazing cities

You can get married in one of many top wedding destinations in Spain. Most weddings in Spain happen in the Costa del Sol region. These amazing party cities include: Malaga, Marbella, Benalmadena, Nerja, Estepona, Mijas, Torrox, Manilva and many more. The top two destinations where girls have the wedding of their dreams are in Malaga and Marbella. Both cities scream luxury all the way. It’s also great to have weddings here, because the night before the wedding, the bridesmaids can order a gorgeous looking exotic dancer to prepare her for being with only one man for the rest of her life. It will be more difficult to get services like these in smaller cities. I am sure you didn’t think of that, did you? ?

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Friendly locals

Weddings in Spain usually come with charming and hospitable locals. Spaniards are most welcoming, and enjoy discussing Spanish history and football over a delicious paella dish and a great glass of sangria. If you book a hotel for your wedding guests, don’t worry about a thing! Your guests are in good hands and might probably end up partying with the locals. The Spaniards generally love Britons, especially gorgeous British girls.


Some brides have asked me, what is sangria? Well, sangria is a delicious drink with a red wine base. It contains carefully cut citrus fruits inside the wine base to give it a nice tangy flavour. All in all, it so delicious that you should be careful not to drink it too fast. It you drink too many, things could turn bad very quickly. I have seen that brides ask for a wedding version of sangria on occasion. This just means that sangria is served with white little umbrellas. Sangria remains one of the favourite things to drink in the sun. Not to mention, this drink is super cheap. In fact, sangria is much cheaper than a pint of beer back in Britain.

weddings in Spain


Ask yourself, which one is more memorable? Manchester or Malaga? Weddings in Spain or weddings in city hall back in England? You should treat yourself and give yourself and your guest the experience of a lifetime. You can hire a professional wedding photographer in Spain to capture these great moments!


The weather is much more reliable than in the UK. A lot of brides all around the world choose their date carefully using statistics and a lot research. Rain on your wedding can not only spoil the fun, attitude, the party but also your dress and your hair! It would be a tragedy if it rained on your wedding day. Luckily with weddings in Spain, there is no such problem. Pick any day of the calendar from March to October, and chances are that you’ll be experiencing lots and lots of sun.

These are the top five reason why weddings in Spain are just fabulous!

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The perfect sunset wedding in Marbella Costa del Sol

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Are you searching for an amazing wedding destination?

Well a beautiful beach destination wedding Marbella just might be the perfect wedding tip for you.

Imagine the sunset on the beach in Marbella, where the last rays of sunlight make your ring shine and the sounds of the waves compliment your I-Dos. Imagine your wedding photographer in Marbella capturing his beautiful moment. The smell of seafood accompanied by a tasty champagne on the soft sandy beaches make a wedding in Marbella one of the best beach wedding destinations.

Marbella is a charming city situated in the southern part of the Costa del Sol region.

destination wedding Marbella Spain destination wedding Marbella Spain

No surprise that a lot of couples take the opportunity to celebrate their day in this region, combining a family celebration with the city’s culture and glamorous atmosphere. Amazing food, charming streets and historical buildings are only a few things that makes this place an amazing wedding destination.

There have also been many celebrity sightings in the Costa del Sol region. Julio Iglesias or Antonio Banderas are rumored to be frequent visitors, so ladies if you want to make your last night before your wedding interesting, the region of Costa del Sol is definitely for you.

perfect sunset destination wedding Marbella Puerto Banus

Marbella is a great choice for a destination wedding also because it is accessible to all of your guests.

The Malaga International Airport is very close, so flying in your family, loved ones and even your wedding destination photographer will not be as expensive as you might think at first. Malaga International Airport is known as a hub for budget airlines flying in from most European cities, so flights can be very cheap.

So whether it be your cousins, your aunts, your best friend living in Denmark or your international wedding photographer flying from London, they will be there! As soon as your guests land, they can take a smooth ride along the motorway to Marbella in a shuttle (where the party can already begin – as always). So Marbella again proves itself as one of the best choices for beach wedding destinations.

The groom party can entertain themselves by visiting one of the many golf courses, enjoying some manly time. Other activities men can participate in: yachting, fishing or just drinking in many of the beach bars.

On the other hand, the bridal party can visit the beautiful town center of Marbella, have lunch in one of Marbella’s sophisticated restaurants or enjoy a couple of cocktails on the beach with the gorgeous sunset. You can hire an English speaking wedding photographer in Marbella to capture all these special moments of course!

All in all, the beautiful coastline with exclusive beach views makes Marbella one of the best places for a destination wedding Marbella. Saying your I-Dos under palm trees with an ocean view sounds like a romantic dream come true. And all of this can be captured by a professional wedding photographer by a couple of clicks.

sunset wedding Marbella


Sunset wedding photo Marbella

Sunset wedding photos on the beach- what makes them so special?

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Lets admit, we all have that one special place where the sunset is just so stunning, it takes your breath away!Whether it is a warm tropical Hawaiian sunset, or a golden beach sunset in Spain or even a sunset with the view of the Eiffel tower. Just to feel the sun bounce off on your skin can make that sunset moment magical. This is why couples usually opt for sunset wedding photos on the beach.

But why are sunset wedding photos on the beach taken by a professional wedding photographer so special?

It is because the wedding photographer can capture that perfect lighting on your dress, or is it because that moment is shared between you and your partner for life? The answer is both! Nothing is more special than a couple’s wedding photo on the beach with the sun slowly setting in the back. The sun’s last rays reflected off of the shiny calm waters make the perfect background for your wedding photo.

sunset wedding photos in Marbella beach

But what else is there to a sunset wedding photo on the beach?

Not many brides realize this, but a professional sunset wedding photo shoot guarantees you a great pedicure. It’s a great feeling to dig in your feet into the soft warm sand- not only is it comfortable, but also its also for free ☺. No need to pay for your royal treatment on your special day.

Now fast forward in time a little bit. Imagine you get back from your honeymoon and your sunset wedding pictures on the beach are ready! Of course, this only happens if you hire a professional wedding photographer who knows what they are doing, to spoil you and document your magical wedding day!

Sunset wedding photo Marbella
sunset photos Marbella

But lets get back to the point. Imagine you coming back to find a beautiful wedding album or a thematic storybook.

You see yourself in the most gorgeous light, looking into the eyes of your one and only. You see that beautiful golden light shine on you face, adding a special glow to your skin and a certain sparkle to your eyes. One can almost feel that heat from the sun and the warm moist coming from the sea.

Lets be honest, if you show these pictures to your loved ones – they will envy every single picture you show them. You will have a beautiful beach and an amazing experience to brag about. You should treat yourself, and let the professional wedding photographer pamper you because it is YOUR special day!

So the most important thing that makes the sunset wedding photos on the beach so special is YOU and YOUR day! It’s an experience of a lifetime and you should enjoy it!

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Wedding photographer in Marbella

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Getting a wedding photographer in Marbella to complete your wedding is probably the best thing you can think of. First, I want to tell you how amazing Marbella is. I am literally sitting at the table doing some writing, slowly sipping my coffee while enjoying the lovely pouring rain.

It’s nice to get that rainy breeze through the window, but it’s even nicer to enjoy a lovely sea breeze. In the UK, this wind is not very pleasant that comes from the sea. However, I would trade places with having a sea-side window in Marbella immediately!

best wedding photographer in Marbella


Why Marbella

Whenever I think of Marbella, I tend to think of those cocktails that have umbrellas in them. Absolutely stunning and delicious at the same time. Marbella is located in the southern part of Spain. It has a gorgeous coast, and tends to be sunny.

Marbella has become a very popular wedding destination, even for those seeking luxury above all. Known for multiple celebrity sightings, Marbella is the place for you if you want your wedding to have a breath of luxury. Moreover, you will never overpay! Of course if you go to the city centre, and go to the most expensive bars, of course it’s going to raise the price up.

However, if you have a villa wedding, or a beach wedding, you’ll have enough budget to even higher a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

 Yachts and weddings

Marbella is really known for many of its ports for those large millionaire yachts. Ever been on one? Personally, being on a boat makes me feel a bit queasy. Not being a big fan of boats, I tend to get sea sick very easily. Nevertheless, the seas are super calm in that part of Spain. Plus, not everyone has such a sensitive stomach like me.

If you do decide to get married on a yacht, then definitely get a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

They will have all the necessary equipment that will help stabilise your photos. Plus, they’ll know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, your photos will look like they came out of a popular magazine.

best wedding photographer in Marbella

Beaches and torches

Fancy a tiki wedding? The wedding photographer in Marbella can also help you create stunning sunset shots at the beach. Imagine you say your I-do’s to yourself on a beautiful beach.

Occasionally, you might spot a dolphin spinning and jumping around in the background. Marbella definitely has the upper hand of being ion of the of top vacation and wedding spots in Europe. No need for having a fancy Caribbean or Thai wedding. Just pop over to your nearest airport and fly cheap.

So, did I tempt you for having a wedding in Marbella? If you like wine, amazing food, good weather and friendly atmosphere, then Marbella is for you. Don’t even bother with the extra research. Just look for optimal flights, and go for it! When you are there, hire a professional wedding photographer in Marbella. You won’t regret showing those beautiful photos to your family. Shows a certain status no?

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From Costa del Sol to San Sebastian: Unique Destinations for Holidays

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Spain. The land of fun, sun, sangria and tapas. One of the most famous destinations for holidays and weddings, with its historical cities and beautiful beaches.

unique destinations wedding Spain Marbella
sunset in Marbella beach

Have you just got engaged and are you planning your destination wedding Spain? Or are you on a break from work? And maybe do you love the sun and sea, do you want to escape from rain and smog? Let’s explore these beaches!

Starting with one of the most famous regions of Spain, Andalucia, you can visit the city of Tarifa, where the ocean and Mediterranean meet and walk through the amazing wild beach of the Playa de Polonia, and maybe try to surf!

Continuing your trip in Andalucìa, you will arrive at the Costa del Sol, the unique place bathed by the sun in between Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical. Here you will find the city of Marbella, a historical city which has seen the moorish and roman occupation. Marbella is also chic, with its bars where you can taste wines and good food. You will enjoy and relax at Fontanilla beach which makes Marbella one of the most famous tourist destinations. Perfect also for a wedding travel: find your photographer, smile and enjoy!

Travelling north, in Galicia, you will find the Caribbean island in Europe. How it is possible? You have to see the magic Illas Cies, three little islands. A breathtaking view!

Everyone knows Ibiza and its famous parties and nightlife. But if you need a relaxing atmosphere go to Formentera, a small island with wild beaches and top fish restaurants. The other famous islands, the Canary islands, are waiting for you. Especially Tenerife, with its volcano and black-sand beaches. Prepare your photo camera! 
Another famous destination is Playa de Maspalomas, in the Gran Canaria. A wild and windy beach, it seems a desert with its sand dunes. An unforgettable landscape, for adventurers and newlywed couples.

Impossible to forget is the lively San Sebastian and its Concha Beach. The old city in the Basque region, with its long seawalk, is one of the favourite destinations of travellers. And it is also perfect for a romantic escape for Valentine’s day or for your destination wedding Spain!

Are you ready for your dream destination wedding Spain?

best destination wedding Spain

amazing wedding in Spain

Easter is Over Ladies!

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That’s right! Easter is over and it’s time to start thinking about fitting into that beautiful dress. Like I am the one to talk! I’ve gained around 6 pounds over the Easter break as a result of attending family dinners and eating that lovely food from my grandma. It’s really unfair to think of your wedding in Spain during Easter.

No one can resist grandma’s old pie. If you can, then you deserve a gold medal! So what now? Your wedding in Spain is coming up and the dress is tight. Time to start working ladies! Here are a couple of tricks that might help with getting your desired results.

No carbs

I know it’s an obvious one, but this method has proven to be very effective. Start with eliminating bread. It’s spring and fresh vegetables are accessible everywhere.

Not only will the veggies taste great, but they will also help you fit in your dress by your wedding in Spain.

Don’t eat pasta either! It’s hard to complete this diet without cheating, but it you push yourself it might be worth it.

Lemon water

Yes! When you wake up in the morning, cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and add room temperature water. Don’t you dare add sugar. Then it’ll be even worse. Make sure you drink the lemonade. I lost 2 pounds in a week just by doing this. Some people go a bit extreme and take a shot of freshly juiced ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper. That’s too extreme for me.


wedding in Spain tips

No sweets

This one is the hardest one. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then you are up for a challenge. It all depends on how badly you need to lose a couple of pounds by your wedding in Spain. Also, its great if your wedding dress has stretchy fabric. Beware, most don’t. I have most trouble with omitting sweets and candies. Needless to say, avoiding sweet drinks. What I found that really helped me fit in my dress, were dried dates, apricots and sweet potatoes. These are the types of snacks diabetics use to regulate the sugar in their blood. It will help you control your cravings for sugar. Great technique to monitor your weight.

Soon, you’ll find that your body is bikini ready for your wedding in Spain.


You should engage in an intense cardio session at least once a week for a full hour. A one hour running session will burn around 700 calories on average. If you are not a big fan of running, I also found an excellent technique to keep in shape. Walk to work! If work is too far, simply take a thirty-minute walk after dinner. The Italians do this regularly. Why do you think they are so fit? I tried this, and I can honestly tell you that it worked for me.

If it worked for me, it will work for you as well and will ultimately get you fitting in that dress in no time for your wedding in Spain!

your wedding in Spain Marbella

destination wedding photography Marbella for English couples

Destination wedding photographer in Malaga

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What is so special about wedding photography sessions is of course the fact that it is the way of documenting one of the most important and exceptional days of your lives. And if you decided to get married in Spain, I highly recommend beautiful Costa del Sol. Working as a wedding photographer Malaga in Spain and worldwide, I have learnt that my clients often ponder over organizing their wedding ceremony in their home town or somewhere abroad.

I worked both as a wedding photographer Malaga as well as a destination wedding photographer and I must say that every location has its advantages. There is always something special to emphasise the uniqueness of this great moment of your wedding.

best wedding photographer Malaga Spain

Having your wedding at home, you can choose venues which are somehow connected to you and your relationship.

You can choose your favourite church for the ceremony, your favourite restaurant for the reception and your favourite places for the wedding photography session. Some couples want to have their wedding photographs taken in the area where they met for the first time, in the park where they enjoy going for a walk, in a word, in all the places which they associate with their relationship and which evoke positive and romantic connotations for the newlyweds.

Working as a wedding photographer Malaga, I also noticed that it is essential for the bride and the groom to have all your nearest and dearest close to you.

When you organize your wedding ceremony in your home town, it usually gives you an opportunity to invite more family and friends than when you have your wedding abroad. In this way you can celebrate your special day with the loved ones, you can also seize the chance of capturing your whole family in your wedding photographs.

top wedding photographer Malaga on the beach

Wedding abroad?

On the other hand, when you decide on having your wedding abroad, there is a multiplicity of various places where you can organize your wedding ceremony. Every couple is unique, you prefer different things and different factors determine the place of your choice. Nevertheless, every bride and groom want to have their wedding reception in a venue which is beautiful, exceptional and remarkable.

You usually prefer areas which are different from what you have in the UK. That is why the most popular seem to be Mediterranean countries which guarantee a wonderful sunny weather and picturesque views of the azure sea and colourful, scenic seaside towns.

Having your wedding ceremony and your wedding photography session on a golden beach in Marbella or Malaga, with the clear blue water in the background, surrounded by palm trees and luxurious hotels  is what makes wedding abroad a really popular and accurate choice.

leading wedding photographer Malaga Spain

In my experience as a wedding photographer Malaga I have had a chance of taking a number of wedding photography sessions abroad.

I travel a lot but my special wedding venues in Europe are Spain, Cyprus, Italy, south of France and Greek Islands. Costa del Sol in Spain is one of my favourite places to shoot a wedding. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, is just a perfect location for a wonderful wedding photography session!

The Costa del Sol includes the city of Málaga and also the towns of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara, Estepona, Manilva, Casares, Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga, Nerja, Frigiliana and Torrox. What makes this destination famous among tourists is the perfect weather, with sunshine almost every day. That’s why is called “Coast of the sun”- an ideal place for taking wedding pictures.

If you are planning to get married in Marbella or Malaga, please take a look at my gallery here and get in touch to check my availability.