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Why you shouldn’t use a drone for your wedding photos

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Oh, I have news for you! If you are planning a wedding in Spain, or actually any wedding at all, you better pay attention about professional Marbella photographer. My little weekend experience might save you from making a horrible mistake on your most important day. Last weekend, was the first wedding I ever attended. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true. I couldn’t believe it either. However, I found the reason behind this. It just happens, that all my lady friends are ambitious career women and have had multiple successes in their professional lives. A lot of my friends still don’t plan to get married until they reach a point, where they feel stable and self-sufficient. I think this is also my case. Anyways, Susanne was the first from the group to tie the knot and say I do. She had her wedding in Spain, more specifically in Marbella.

The wedding

It was a wonderful ceremony. They had their wedding with a wonderful view of the beach. This is why there is a growing demand to have a wedding in Spain. The groom’s eyes totally lit up as Susanne walked down the aisle, with the warm sun making her dress shine. As she approached the altar, there were violins playing in the background. Everything was perfect at that point. When the music stopped, everything changed.

There was a sudden buzzing that was coming up from above, and at that moment I realized, that Susanne didn’t book a professional Marbella photographer. She has a drone take her wedding photos. Big mistake!


professional Marbella photographer Spain

The noise

Imagine someone mowing your lawn right next to you, as you are saying your I-do’s at your wedding in Spain. It was so incredibly annoying, there are no words in describing the horrible buzzing sounds. The drone was flying around above us, beside us, in front of us. It was everywhere and it wouldn’t shut up. It was so loud and distracting, that it ruined the whole ceremony. None of the guests could hear anything, and I totally missed every word from the couple’s vows. I couldn’t hear anything at all! Moreover, I couldn’t keep focus on the couple for the rest of the ceremony, as I was distracted by the drone moving around. Horrible! Really horrible. Susanne told me later, that she got really frustrated with it too.

Not really worth it

As a result of the drone being so high and flying around all the time, it didn’t get to take any high-quality close-ups. They have a lot of panorama photos and good videos, but no photographs showcasing those special moments, e.g. the exchange of vows. The drone definitely didn’t capture the look in the groom’s eyes, as the bride walked down the aisle. The photos from the drone have no emotions. Although, the photos will show stunning scenery and prove that you had a wedding in Spain, my advice is simple and clear. Get yourself a professional Marbella photographer. The noise, the distraction and the bird’s eye photos are definitely not worth it. Hire a pro!


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The perfect sunset wedding in Marbella Costa del Sol

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Are you searching for an amazing wedding destination?

Well a beautiful beach destination wedding Marbella just might be the perfect wedding tip for you.

Imagine the sunset on the beach in Marbella, where the last rays of sunlight make your ring shine and the sounds of the waves compliment your I-Dos. Imagine your wedding photographer in Marbella capturing his beautiful moment. The smell of seafood accompanied by a tasty champagne on the soft sandy beaches make a wedding in Marbella one of the best beach wedding destinations.

Marbella is a charming city situated in the southern part of the Costa del Sol region.

destination wedding Marbella Spain destination wedding Marbella Spain

No surprise that a lot of couples take the opportunity to celebrate their day in this region, combining a family celebration with the city’s culture and glamorous atmosphere. Amazing food, charming streets and historical buildings are only a few things that makes this place an amazing wedding destination.

There have also been many celebrity sightings in the Costa del Sol region. Julio Iglesias or Antonio Banderas are rumored to be frequent visitors, so ladies if you want to make your last night before your wedding interesting, the region of Costa del Sol is definitely for you.

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Marbella is a great choice for a destination wedding also because it is accessible to all of your guests.

The Malaga International Airport is very close, so flying in your family, loved ones and even your wedding destination photographer will not be as expensive as you might think at first. Malaga International Airport is known as a hub for budget airlines flying in from most European cities, so flights can be very cheap.

So whether it be your cousins, your aunts, your best friend living in Denmark or your international wedding photographer flying from London, they will be there! As soon as your guests land, they can take a smooth ride along the motorway to Marbella in a shuttle (where the party can already begin – as always). So Marbella again proves itself as one of the best choices for beach wedding destinations.

The groom party can entertain themselves by visiting one of the many golf courses, enjoying some manly time. Other activities men can participate in: yachting, fishing or just drinking in many of the beach bars.

On the other hand, the bridal party can visit the beautiful town center of Marbella, have lunch in one of Marbella’s sophisticated restaurants or enjoy a couple of cocktails on the beach with the gorgeous sunset. You can hire an English speaking wedding photographer in Marbella to capture all these special moments of course!

All in all, the beautiful coastline with exclusive beach views makes Marbella one of the best places for a destination wedding Marbella. Saying your I-Dos under palm trees with an ocean view sounds like a romantic dream come true. And all of this can be captured by a professional wedding photographer by a couple of clicks.

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5 good reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the best decisions you will ever make

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A lot of wedding couples go through the very tough decision- should we hire a friend to save money or should we hire a professional wedding photographer Spain?

And the answer is very simple. Always hire a professional wedding photographer!

Here are 5 obvious reasons why:

1) The most obvious reason: Experience

Just because you friend owns a nice camera, doesn’t mean that you should hire him/her straight away. Think about experience. Think about the venue. Mistakes like these are very common when couples hire friends as their wedding photographer. What they don’t account for is the fact that alcohol will be served, and certain things can happen – like loosing the memory card or misplacing the camera. The professional wedding photographer Spain will have done this for a couple of years and handles him/herself with utmost professionalism. You might think this is silly, but these things actually happen, so think twice before hiring a friend. It might be cheaper, but it might cost you so much more in the end!

2) Beautiful photos

You can be 100% assured that the professional wedding photographer Spain will deliver high quality photos of your special day in time. In fact, these photos are usually so beautiful, they can be replicated on a canvas and hung in the house so you can cherish that special moment everyday! All you need to do is to do your research and look through the photographer’s portfolio of work. This can give a pretty clear picture of the quality of photos you can expect!

3) Best practices

Here is where experience comes through again! Couples are so concentrated on creating the perfect wedding ceremony that they forget what comes after! After the photos are taken, the wedding photographer usually puts his/hers connections to use. The professional wedding photographer Spain will know exactly where and who to contact to print our your perfect wedding storybook. He/she will even probably advise you on which templates suits your wedding theme.

4) Its all about them

Wedding ceremonies are about the bride and groom. They should feel like celebrities on that day. It is not only about taking the individual photos,

but also about empowering them and sending a message that they are the most important people on their special day! All focus should be on them!

5) Rebook for pregnancy and family events

Couples don’t really realize this, but their wedding day is not the only special day that live has in store for them. Many couples rehire their professional wedding photographer Spain (who by now knows the couple’s style & taste) for other special events. These include taking pictures of the different stages of pregnancy or witnessing a new addition to the family. There are so many magical moments that life has to offer and people should capture these special moments so they can live forever.

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From Costa del Sol to San Sebastian: Unique Destinations for Holidays

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Spain. The land of fun, sun, sangria and tapas. One of the most famous destinations for holidays and weddings, with its historical cities and beautiful beaches.

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sunset in Marbella beach

Have you just got engaged and are you planning your destination wedding Spain? Or are you on a break from work? And maybe do you love the sun and sea, do you want to escape from rain and smog? Let’s explore these beaches!

Starting with one of the most famous regions of Spain, Andalucia, you can visit the city of Tarifa, where the ocean and Mediterranean meet and walk through the amazing wild beach of the Playa de Polonia, and maybe try to surf!

Continuing your trip in Andalucìa, you will arrive at the Costa del Sol, the unique place bathed by the sun in between Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical. Here you will find the city of Marbella, a historical city which has seen the moorish and roman occupation. Marbella is also chic, with its bars where you can taste wines and good food. You will enjoy and relax at Fontanilla beach which makes Marbella one of the most famous tourist destinations. Perfect also for a wedding travel: find your photographer, smile and enjoy!

Travelling north, in Galicia, you will find the Caribbean island in Europe. How it is possible? You have to see the magic Illas Cies, three little islands. A breathtaking view!

Everyone knows Ibiza and its famous parties and nightlife. But if you need a relaxing atmosphere go to Formentera, a small island with wild beaches and top fish restaurants. The other famous islands, the Canary islands, are waiting for you. Especially Tenerife, with its volcano and black-sand beaches. Prepare your photo camera! 
Another famous destination is Playa de Maspalomas, in the Gran Canaria. A wild and windy beach, it seems a desert with its sand dunes. An unforgettable landscape, for adventurers and newlywed couples.

Impossible to forget is the lively San Sebastian and its Concha Beach. The old city in the Basque region, with its long seawalk, is one of the favourite destinations of travellers. And it is also perfect for a romantic escape for Valentine’s day or for your destination wedding Spain!

Are you ready for your dream destination wedding Spain?

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