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Wedding in Spain and Mother’s Day in one!

amazing Spain beach wedding

Amazing Spain beach wedding 2018

What will you be doing for Mother’s Day? We Britons, are mostly popular for sending gorgeous Mother’s Day cards. Why not surprise your mum and send her a save the date or a wedding invitation for your Spain beach wedding in one year?

I bet you that she won’t be expecting that! Just imagine her reaction when she sees your wedding invitation for your wedding in Spain instead of her Mother’s Day card. Let’s hope she won’t faint out of shock! And if you plan one year ahead, you can have your Spain beach wedding on Mother’s Day as well.

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Your Spain beach wedding

If you book your Spain beach wedding one year in advance, it leaves room for you to experiment with your wedding date. Why not get married during Mother’s Day in Spain on a beach? Not only will you give the perfect gift to your mum, but you will also get the perfect weather. May in Spain is a fabulous time to get married on the beach. You won’t need to research weather statistics or worry if it might rain on that special day in May. It will be sunny and warm, hot enough for you to wear your dress without a sweater. Moreover, not too hot that your beautiful wedding hairstyle might get ruined from the humidity. Weddings in Spain are just perfect in May, so you should choose Mother’s Day!


No worries. If you do decide to book your Spain beach wedding on Mother’s Day, the spotlight will still be on you and your fabulous dress. In fact, I think your mum will even be grateful that you choose Mother’s Day for your wedding in Spain. She will interpret it as a token of appreciation. This will give you an excuse to have to huge celebrations in one day. Let’s face it, our mums are worth celebrating and we should be thankful to have them around every day! Make sure you thank you mum this coming Mother’s Day for all her efforts and love over the years.

The Plan

Don’t talk about your surprise to anyone. You know how people talk and never actually can keep a secret. If you really want to surprise your mum on Mother’s Day, then shush! Only let your second half on this clever plan. Make sure you have a red envelope at home. This way, you can place your wedding invitation and sneakily fool anyone that you are sending a Mother’s Day card for your mum. The red colour won’t give away the contents of the envelope and your mum won’t expect a thing! Next, your should ask your local post office when you should send your envelope so it arrives precisely at the time you want. My best guess it roughly two to three days in advance. For some security, you can also put the envelope in the mailbox yourself.

Then all you have to do, is wait for the huge surprise. Will you do it? You think you’ve got the guts to pull this off?

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