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A bride in search of a honeymoon Marbella!

honeymoon Marbella beach

You just said yes to the fairytale proposal. A dream is coming true, and the frenzy to find the right dress, the perfect restaurant and of course, the amazing honeymoon Marbella has just started.

Well, while your bridesmaids help you with the wedding preparation, you may open the atlas and choose your destination. Maybe you want to stay in the old Europe, if so, we suggest a perfect spot in the south of the local Spain.

We are talking about Marbella, in between Malaga and Gibraltar, kissed by the Mediterranean Sea and by the sun. Fitting perfectly a wedding holiday made of relax, beaches, and chill out in the evening.

Why? Because Marbella has 27 kilometres of coastline! The coast is divided in different beaches, up to twentyfour, and you just have to choose the one for you! From the Artola Beach to La Fontanilla you will be surrounded by a blue sea and different grades of sand, from golden to black. And of course, in the evening, you can sit in one of the bars in front of the sea and relax and admire the landscape with your love.

If you prefer arts and culture, do not worry, there’s plenty of things to do in the city.

Among the seven museums of the city you can choose, you will find the archeological museum and the more particular Museum of Bonsai. But Marbella is also full of historical spots to visit and explore, as the arabian wall and the old city centre. And do not forget the many festivals held during the year.

Instead, if you are an adventurous and sporty bride why don’t you try to surf on the Costa del Sol during your honeymoon Marbella?

Of course you can, you just have to wait for the right wave. Moreover, there are also many fitness camps where you can exercise and stretch your body to be amazingly fit even when you come back from your wedding holiday. And for just one day, you can make a trip to the Rock of Gibraltar to see the famous monkeys and the caves of the Second World War. Another field trip to make is towards Ronda, an old city built over a 300- feet rock. A landscape which will take your breath away.

Pick up a photographer and prepare your wedding photo book full of unforgettable moments.
Whatever is your perfect honeymoon type Marbella and the Costa del Sol is the perfect place to be!

honeymoon Marbella beach wedding

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