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Wedding photographer in Marbella

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Getting a wedding photographer in Marbella to complete your wedding is probably the best thing you can think of. First, I want to tell you how amazing Marbella is. I am literally sitting at the table doing some writing, slowly sipping my coffee while enjoying the lovely pouring rain.

It’s nice to get that rainy breeze through the window, but it’s even nicer to enjoy a lovely sea breeze. In the UK, this wind is not very pleasant that comes from the sea. However, I would trade places with having a sea-side window in Marbella immediately!

best wedding photographer in Marbella


Why Marbella

Whenever I think of Marbella, I tend to think of those cocktails that have umbrellas in them. Absolutely stunning and delicious at the same time. Marbella is located in the southern part of Spain. It has a gorgeous coast, and tends to be sunny.

Marbella has become a very popular wedding destination, even for those seeking luxury above all. Known for multiple celebrity sightings, Marbella is the place for you if you want your wedding to have a breath of luxury. Moreover, you will never overpay! Of course if you go to the city centre, and go to the most expensive bars, of course it’s going to raise the price up.

However, if you have a villa wedding, or a beach wedding, you’ll have enough budget to even higher a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

 Yachts and weddings

Marbella is really known for many of its ports for those large millionaire yachts. Ever been on one? Personally, being on a boat makes me feel a bit queasy. Not being a big fan of boats, I tend to get sea sick very easily. Nevertheless, the seas are super calm in that part of Spain. Plus, not everyone has such a sensitive stomach like me.

If you do decide to get married on a yacht, then definitely get a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

They will have all the necessary equipment that will help stabilise your photos. Plus, they’ll know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, your photos will look like they came out of a popular magazine.

best wedding photographer in Marbella

Beaches and torches

Fancy a tiki wedding? The wedding photographer in Marbella can also help you create stunning sunset shots at the beach. Imagine you say your I-do’s to yourself on a beautiful beach.

Occasionally, you might spot a dolphin spinning and jumping around in the background. Marbella definitely has the upper hand of being ion of the of top vacation and wedding spots in Europe. No need for having a fancy Caribbean or Thai wedding. Just pop over to your nearest airport and fly cheap.

So, did I tempt you for having a wedding in Marbella? If you like wine, amazing food, good weather and friendly atmosphere, then Marbella is for you. Don’t even bother with the extra research. Just look for optimal flights, and go for it! When you are there, hire a professional wedding photographer in Marbella. You won’t regret showing those beautiful photos to your family. Shows a certain status no?