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Weddings in Spain

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Weddings in Spain are glamorous events on the beach or in the heart of the city, filled with joy and lots of sangria. Many brides opt for their weddings in Spain because of five main reasons.

Amazing cities

You can get married in one of many top wedding destinations in Spain. Most weddings in Spain happen in the Costa del Sol region. These amazing party cities include: Malaga, Marbella, Benalmadena, Nerja, Estepona, Mijas, Torrox, Manilva and many more. The top two destinations where girls have the wedding of their dreams are in Malaga and Marbella. Both cities scream luxury all the way. It’s also great to have weddings here, because the night before the wedding, the bridesmaids can order a gorgeous looking exotic dancer to prepare her for being with only one man for the rest of her life. It will be more difficult to get services like these in smaller cities. I am sure you didn’t think of that, did you? ?

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Friendly locals

Weddings in Spain usually come with charming and hospitable locals. Spaniards are most welcoming, and enjoy discussing Spanish history and football over a delicious paella dish and a great glass of sangria. If you book a hotel for your wedding guests, don’t worry about a thing! Your guests are in good hands and might probably end up partying with the locals. The Spaniards generally love Britons, especially gorgeous British girls.


Some brides have asked me, what is sangria? Well, sangria is a delicious drink with a red wine base. It contains carefully cut citrus fruits inside the wine base to give it a nice tangy flavour. All in all, it so delicious that you should be careful not to drink it too fast. It you drink too many, things could turn bad very quickly. I have seen that brides ask for a wedding version of sangria on occasion. This just means that sangria is served with white little umbrellas. Sangria remains one of the favourite things to drink in the sun. Not to mention, this drink is super cheap. In fact, sangria is much cheaper than a pint of beer back in Britain.

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Ask yourself, which one is more memorable? Manchester or Malaga? Weddings in Spain or weddings in city hall back in England? You should treat yourself and give yourself and your guest the experience of a lifetime. You can hire a professional wedding photographer in Spain to capture these great moments!


The weather is much more reliable than in the UK. A lot of brides all around the world choose their date carefully using statistics and a lot research. Rain on your wedding can not only spoil the fun, attitude, the party but also your dress and your hair! It would be a tragedy if it rained on your wedding day. Luckily with weddings in Spain, there is no such problem. Pick any day of the calendar from March to October, and chances are that you’ll be experiencing lots and lots of sun.

These are the top five reason why weddings in Spain are just fabulous!

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My best friend’s wedding in Spain – the story of a bridesmaid

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Have you ever been a bridesmaid? If you by any chance had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid, then you know that you played an important role during your best friend’s wedding. My best friend’s name is Anne and she had a gorgeous wedding in Spain. I consider myself truly luck to have been a part of it. I will now tell you how her wedding in Spain went down.

The party on the plane

Anne, me and the rest of the bridesmaids flew together for her wedding in Spain, Marbella. We caused quite the stir on the plane. No surprise there, we are British! Our flight attendants kept serving alcohol on the clock, and we had the time of our lives. I swear, time went by so fast, it felt like we took off and landed in no time at all. I must admit, we got Anne a bit tipsy. I think she finally realize she was heading to her wedding in Spain.

The arrival

We arrived in Marbella! It was sunny and it was hot! Everything that Britain was not. A shuttle picked us up, or rather I would call it a party bus.

Did you know that you can get one of those disco buses for your wedding in Spain?

We know how to have a good time. The shuttle drive us from the airport directly to the beach villa. As you might have guessed, this was a villa wedding in Spain. I don’t know what it is this year, but everyone is doing villa weddings.

The villa

The villa was stunning. It was one of those houses that you know you will never be able to afford. Marble bathrooms, huge sunny rooms, situated on the beach and beautiful back garden. A typical villa for the perfect wedding in Spain.

The last night in the city centre

Marbella is one of those amazing places where you can have the party you expect with a side of luxury. We went crazy with Anne the last night before the wedding. We did a proper bar crawl and ate great tapas. Anne was very cautious not to overdo it on her last night as a single gal. She always made sure that with every drink she drank a glass of water. That’s a very handy trick that I taught her. Ladies, this might just save your lives and your wedding! There is no point in explaining that Marbella is a beautiful historic town. Why don’t I just skip to the wedding!

The Wedding

The wedding was impeccable. Anne and her husband had a beach wedding in Spain.

They hired an altar on the beach and got some stunning sunset photos by a professional wedding photographer in Marbella. To be honest, I was a bit jealous. The bridesmaids stood right beside Anne, supporting the decision of her life. To be honest, the bridesmaids treated this wedding in Spain more as a vacation!

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The afterparty and journey home

On the very next day, we returned home. I was a bit sad to leave Marbella. It truly is one of the most beautiful places to get married. The newlyweds extended their stay and kept the villa to themselves of course. I am truly happy for Anne and wish her all the best. She had a beautiful wedding in Spain and I am grateful I could be a part of it.

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Majorca destination wedding in Spain

Are you up for a little destination wedding in Spain adventure?

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A colleague of mine was recently in Majorca, Spain. Lucky him! I was stuck at work behind the monitor. Urgh! Nevertheless, when he came back, he told me that Majorca was one of the best places that he’s ever visited! It got me thinking, why not have a destination wedding in Spain, Majorca?

Funnily enough, Majorca reminds me a little of Cyprus. I know it sounds luxurious and expensive, but it’s really not! In fact, many Germans have summer houses in Majorca.

There are plenty of reasons why you should go for a destination wedding in Spain, Majorca.

Majorca destination wedding in Spain

Being on an island is sometimes the best

Great scenery and historical places! Imagine those wedding photos, capturing the beautiful coastal waters in the background. My point here is, that it’s not too crowded with tourists in some villages as other places in Spain such as Marbella or Malaga. In the end, a whole body of water separates the tourists from the natives. I‘d still recommend Majorca for a peaceful and tasteful destination wedding in Spain.

Great romance

It wouldn’t be a perfect destination wedding in Spain without having the perfect setting for romance. This is exactly what Majorca does! Small towns and charming European-like city centers will capture your hearts and get you in the I-do mood! The restaurants, the wine and the views will leave you breathless. Truly cozy and charming to share with your special someone.

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When going to Majorca, you will have to fly into the city of Palma. This city is not only filled with stunning sites and a historic churches, it is filled with a party-like atmosphere. Beach bars, sports bars, beach clubs and night clubs are constantly filled with cheap drinks and great music.

Your bridesmaids might even find a date for your destination wedding in Spain, Majorca.

Nature at its best

Do you love nature too? There are so many place you can visit such as the Caves of Drach. These deep and stunning caves will humble you with nature’s beauty. If you are a more of an outdoor sunset view person, then make sure you don’t miss the Cap de Formentor. This cape’s razor-edge cliffs can create a fabulous backdrop for a wedding photoshoot! Just be careful not to fall of the actual cliff.


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The water is great

Not only does the water look great, it feels great too. Nice and warm. However, many people don’t even think to explore the beautiful waters of Majorca in more detail. It’s actually a fantastic place to snorkel and scuba-dive. I dare you to do an underwater wedding photoshoot. They’ve become very popular you know!


What better way to toast your wedding day than with a glass of delicious local wine from Majorca. In recent years, Majorca is becoming more popular as a wine exporter, as they produce exceptional wine. Yummmm!

Tempted to do a destination wedding in Spain, Majorca? I know I am!