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Weddings in Spain

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Weddings in Spain are glamorous events on the beach or in the heart of the city, filled with joy and lots of sangria. Many brides opt for their weddings in Spain because of five main reasons.

Amazing cities

You can get married in one of many top wedding destinations in Spain. Most weddings in Spain happen in the Costa del Sol region. These amazing party cities include: Malaga, Marbella, Benalmadena, Nerja, Estepona, Mijas, Torrox, Manilva and many more. The top two destinations where girls have the wedding of their dreams are in Malaga and Marbella. Both cities scream luxury all the way. It’s also great to have weddings here, because the night before the wedding, the bridesmaids can order a gorgeous looking exotic dancer to prepare her for being with only one man for the rest of her life. It will be more difficult to get services like these in smaller cities. I am sure you didn’t think of that, did you? ?

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Friendly locals

Weddings in Spain usually come with charming and hospitable locals. Spaniards are most welcoming, and enjoy discussing Spanish history and football over a delicious paella dish and a great glass of sangria. If you book a hotel for your wedding guests, don’t worry about a thing! Your guests are in good hands and might probably end up partying with the locals. The Spaniards generally love Britons, especially gorgeous British girls.


Some brides have asked me, what is sangria? Well, sangria is a delicious drink with a red wine base. It contains carefully cut citrus fruits inside the wine base to give it a nice tangy flavour. All in all, it so delicious that you should be careful not to drink it too fast. It you drink too many, things could turn bad very quickly. I have seen that brides ask for a wedding version of sangria on occasion. This just means that sangria is served with white little umbrellas. Sangria remains one of the favourite things to drink in the sun. Not to mention, this drink is super cheap. In fact, sangria is much cheaper than a pint of beer back in Britain.

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Ask yourself, which one is more memorable? Manchester or Malaga? Weddings in Spain or weddings in city hall back in England? You should treat yourself and give yourself and your guest the experience of a lifetime. You can hire a professional wedding photographer in Spain to capture these great moments!


The weather is much more reliable than in the UK. A lot of brides all around the world choose their date carefully using statistics and a lot research. Rain on your wedding can not only spoil the fun, attitude, the party but also your dress and your hair! It would be a tragedy if it rained on your wedding day. Luckily with weddings in Spain, there is no such problem. Pick any day of the calendar from March to October, and chances are that you’ll be experiencing lots and lots of sun.

These are the top five reason why weddings in Spain are just fabulous!

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Wedding photographer in Marbella

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Getting a wedding photographer in Marbella to complete your wedding is probably the best thing you can think of. First, I want to tell you how amazing Marbella is. I am literally sitting at the table doing some writing, slowly sipping my coffee while enjoying the lovely pouring rain.

It’s nice to get that rainy breeze through the window, but it’s even nicer to enjoy a lovely sea breeze. In the UK, this wind is not very pleasant that comes from the sea. However, I would trade places with having a sea-side window in Marbella immediately!

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Why Marbella

Whenever I think of Marbella, I tend to think of those cocktails that have umbrellas in them. Absolutely stunning and delicious at the same time. Marbella is located in the southern part of Spain. It has a gorgeous coast, and tends to be sunny.

Marbella has become a very popular wedding destination, even for those seeking luxury above all. Known for multiple celebrity sightings, Marbella is the place for you if you want your wedding to have a breath of luxury. Moreover, you will never overpay! Of course if you go to the city centre, and go to the most expensive bars, of course it’s going to raise the price up.

However, if you have a villa wedding, or a beach wedding, you’ll have enough budget to even higher a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

 Yachts and weddings

Marbella is really known for many of its ports for those large millionaire yachts. Ever been on one? Personally, being on a boat makes me feel a bit queasy. Not being a big fan of boats, I tend to get sea sick very easily. Nevertheless, the seas are super calm in that part of Spain. Plus, not everyone has such a sensitive stomach like me.

If you do decide to get married on a yacht, then definitely get a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

They will have all the necessary equipment that will help stabilise your photos. Plus, they’ll know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, your photos will look like they came out of a popular magazine.

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Beaches and torches

Fancy a tiki wedding? The wedding photographer in Marbella can also help you create stunning sunset shots at the beach. Imagine you say your I-do’s to yourself on a beautiful beach.

Occasionally, you might spot a dolphin spinning and jumping around in the background. Marbella definitely has the upper hand of being ion of the of top vacation and wedding spots in Europe. No need for having a fancy Caribbean or Thai wedding. Just pop over to your nearest airport and fly cheap.

So, did I tempt you for having a wedding in Marbella? If you like wine, amazing food, good weather and friendly atmosphere, then Marbella is for you. Don’t even bother with the extra research. Just look for optimal flights, and go for it! When you are there, hire a professional wedding photographer in Marbella. You won’t regret showing those beautiful photos to your family. Shows a certain status no?

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The top five venues to get married in Spain Costa del Sol

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Your memorable day is coming! You are getting married in Spain next year! You have started to plan everything with your fiancée, family and friends.

As you have decided that you wedding will be celebrated in the sunny and caliente Spain, so you have already begun to search for places and destinations. We want to help you in your search and suggest some perfect spots in which you will pronounce ‘I do’. Starting with narrowing down the options to five locations in the beautiful and stunning Costa del Sol, one of the favourite travel destinations in Europe, it will be easier to choose. Are you ready, bride for getting married in Spain? Let’s start!

Getting married in Spain – Beachfront Wedding Venue. There’s nothing more to add.

A luxury and fabulous location, in front of the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the most famous beaches in the city of Marbella. It will be a sophisticated wedding with a touch of exotic: in fact, in the sunniest days you can have a glimpse of the Moroccan coast.

How about getting married in Spain in hacienda?

The hills, a classic and traditional farm refurbished where you can toast to your love with a robust Spaniard wine and celebrate with authentic Spanish food while overlooking the countryside and the sea.

Or maybe 18th – century palace!

An old-style estate, a romantic garden, only ten minutes away from the sea and the centre of Marbella. You will have a majestic and splendid wedding, as a princess!

What about getting married in Spain at one of the luxury hotel in Marbella?

Marbella is surrounded by luxury and V.I.P. hotels, in which you can receive full spa treatments, play golf, drink exclusive cocktails and celebrate your romantic wedding.

Saying “I do” by lake on the Spanish mountains?

Well, Costa del Sol is not only sea and fun but also mountains, lakes and relax. In this resort near a natural lake you can find your peace of mind and romantic quiet for your wedding… and the beach is only 20 minutes away!

In Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Marbella, you will find your perfect destination according to your preferences. Well, call your family and friends, book the venue and pick up your photographer. Everything will be absolutely fantastic!

Getting married in Spain will be your best decision ever. I can promise!

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The best English wedding photographer in Marbella

Destination wedding photographer in Spain, Malaga

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Getting a destination wedding photographer in Spain, especially in Malaga is super fun and super easy!

Many people oppose wedding photographers, and I think it’s the stupidest thing a wedding couple can ever do. Destination wedding photographer in Spain is pro, he knows what he is doing and he delivers quality on time. As they say, it’s not their first rodeo!

Top Destination wedding photographer in Spain

Are you getting married in Malaga? Great choice! Malaga is the place to be, to have a wedding in Spain. You’ll definitely enjoy the party atmosphere, the delicious food, the sangria, the meat (steaks), and most importantly the sun. A wedding in Spain is fantastic and if I had a man, I would go there and get married myself.

So, let’s say, you’ve decided to get married in Malaga, and you’ve booked your hotel, your church, your priest, your everything. The last thing, and might I say the most important is to book the destination wedding photographer in Spain. Again, many people don’t go for this option as they think that it’s too expensive, therefore they’d rather hire a friend. Worst possible choice ever!

Destination wedding photographer in Spain
Not only will your friend, speaking politely, screw up your wedding photos, however there might be a lot more in stake for you. It might even cost you a lot more, like your friendship. The photos will look amateurish, the memory card can get lost, the camera might get stolen. I am telling you. I’ve heard it all. And this is the type of things that ruins long friendships. Definitely hire someone who knows what they are doing and who is good at it! You should celebrate with your friends anyway. You shouldn’t make them work.

Where can I find an amazing destination wedding photographer in Spain, Malaga?

I know that this sounds like a lot of research. I can cut the chase for you right now, and recommend you one of the best destination wedding photographers in Spain I know. I highly recommend Milla. You can learn more about her here . Obviously, the best marketing a photographer can get is word of mouth. Check out her portfolio and look at her references.

She is the type of person who smiles constantly, loves what she does and goes above and beyond for her client’s special day. Definitely one of the best destination wedding photographers around!

The best English destination wedding photographer in Spain

What should I ask the wedding photographer?

Being a pro, the destination wedding photographer in Spain usually has tons and tons of experience for weddings in Spain.

Therefore, you can even ask about the type of venue, or about the best places to have the actual wedding in Spain. Trust me, these people know all the inside tricks and the best type of places to get the best wedding photos for your album. Don’t be shy to ask. If I were you, I’d contact the destination wedding photographer in Spain as soon as possible. The most talented ones are booked out fast! Send Milla an email and she’ll happily respond to you, and all the possible questions you might have!


Easter weddings in Spain 2018

Easter weddings in Spain

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Listen up beautiful Easter brides! I can already tell you right now, that if you are planning to get married in Spain during the Easter holidays, you might want to reconsider. I am not talking about the lack of fabulous weather or food. These two factors will always remain a guarantee for weddings in Spain 2018. However, the Easter holidays in Spain are known for their festivity, drawing lots of locals to celebrate these sacred holidays.

Easter celebrations in Spain

Spain is known as a pretty religious country, so you can expect that Easter holidays are taken very seriously there. Following the Christian calendar, the Easter week in Spain is very sacred and is also known as the Semana Santa. The week starts with Palm Sunday, where the locals worship at churches, carrying always branches of palm trees. Ash Wednesday, which also happens to be the first day of Lent, which lasts until Good Friday. Here, usually people give up sweets, alcohol and even food in some cases.

Still think Easter weddings in Spain 2018 are a good idea?

The lent is then followed by a huge feast on Easter Sunday, where the people enjoy lovely traditional Spanish food. Finally, Easter Monday concludes the Easter week or Semana Santa. Spanish locals generally perceive this as the day of rest and worship.


Easter weddings in Spain 2018

Availability of locals

The Spanish locals are very friendly, generous and willing to show you the best places to eat, drink or party. However, as the locals also engage in various Easter activities as mentioned above, they might be less willing to focus on the tourists, as they have to attend to their family celebrations. Many of them might even be out of town, visiting their grannies and other relatives.


During Easter, you may come across traditional Spanish dishes such as torrijas. What on earth are torrijas? It’s actually slices of bread, prepared in mixtures that consists of eggs, milk and lots of sugar. The pieces of bread are then fried in olive oil and served warm. Do you think it sounds delicious?


Shops will most likely be closed for the holidays. If you and your bridesmaid expect to have fun doing activities such as shopping and going out on bar crawls, Easter might not be the best time to do all of that. A lot of the shops will be closed for Easter and will only reopen after Easter Monday. Hence, Easter weddings in Spain 2018 might not be the best idea.


It’s not only the shops that won’t be available for weddings in Spain 2018, but the churches will be booked out of sermons.

Good luck finding a Church and a priest available during these holy days in Spain. It is highly unlikely that you do. If you dream about getting married in a beautiful Spanish church, do it either before or after the Easter holidays. Easter celebrations in Spain heavily involve going to church, so that’s where you’ll also find the locals. Weddings in Spain during Easter are thus impossible in some areas.

Do your research, if you really want to get married in Spain during Easter so you can prepare for everything!