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Wedding in Spain and Mother’s Day in one!

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Amazing Spain beach wedding 2018

What will you be doing for Mother’s Day? We Britons, are mostly popular for sending gorgeous Mother’s Day cards. Why not surprise your mum and send her a save the date or a wedding invitation for your Spain beach wedding in one year?

I bet you that she won’t be expecting that! Just imagine her reaction when she sees your wedding invitation for your wedding in Spain instead of her Mother’s Day card. Let’s hope she won’t faint out of shock! And if you plan one year ahead, you can have your Spain beach wedding on Mother’s Day as well.

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Your Spain beach wedding

If you book your Spain beach wedding one year in advance, it leaves room for you to experiment with your wedding date. Why not get married during Mother’s Day in Spain on a beach? Not only will you give the perfect gift to your mum, but you will also get the perfect weather. May in Spain is a fabulous time to get married on the beach. You won’t need to research weather statistics or worry if it might rain on that special day in May. It will be sunny and warm, hot enough for you to wear your dress without a sweater. Moreover, not too hot that your beautiful wedding hairstyle might get ruined from the humidity. Weddings in Spain are just perfect in May, so you should choose Mother’s Day!


No worries. If you do decide to book your Spain beach wedding on Mother’s Day, the spotlight will still be on you and your fabulous dress. In fact, I think your mum will even be grateful that you choose Mother’s Day for your wedding in Spain. She will interpret it as a token of appreciation. This will give you an excuse to have to huge celebrations in one day. Let’s face it, our mums are worth celebrating and we should be thankful to have them around every day! Make sure you thank you mum this coming Mother’s Day for all her efforts and love over the years.

The Plan

Don’t talk about your surprise to anyone. You know how people talk and never actually can keep a secret. If you really want to surprise your mum on Mother’s Day, then shush! Only let your second half on this clever plan. Make sure you have a red envelope at home. This way, you can place your wedding invitation and sneakily fool anyone that you are sending a Mother’s Day card for your mum. The red colour won’t give away the contents of the envelope and your mum won’t expect a thing! Next, your should ask your local post office when you should send your envelope so it arrives precisely at the time you want. My best guess it roughly two to three days in advance. For some security, you can also put the envelope in the mailbox yourself.

Then all you have to do, is wait for the huge surprise. Will you do it? You think you’ve got the guts to pull this off?

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Find the perfect flowers for your wedding in Spain!

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We all look for the perfect flower decorations and the flower bouquet for our marvellous wedding. The never-ending question – which flowers should I use? If you are getting married abroad in Spain you shouldn’t be an exception to hold back on your flower dreams! Flowers are the perfect decoration to your dress and your Spanish wedding.

Many celebrities are fully aware of this fact. Beyoncé, for example, had an exclusive wedding in New York and she had over 100,000 orchids! Can you imagine how beautiful it must have been? They were all tailor made within a couple of days. The poor florist had teams of people assembling each orchid decoration manually. Only the best of the best for Beyoncé. The cost of course was undisclosed.

However, I think more planning is needed for getting married abroad in Spain.

The appropriate flower

The most popular and appropriate flower used for a wedding in Spain are carnations. Did you know that carnations are the national flower of Spain? Well they fit well if you are getting married abroad Spain. They will probably be cheaper than the usual roses, and you will have a wide range of colours you can select from. They are visually stunning and are beautiful when they fully bloom.

If you are a Sex and the City fan, you might remember the time when Charlotte told Carrie that pink carnations are according to her “eeew”. In fact, I remember when Jack Berger gave Carrie pink carnations the night before he dumped her. However, this is definitely not the case for your wedding in Spain. Carnations in Spain are said to symbolise passion and it’s no surprise that red carnations are the national flower. Hence, carnations are the perfect flower if you are getting married abroad Spain.

wedding flowers getting married abroad in spain

Common practices

You have probably seen many cartoons where people dance with a carnation gripped in between one’s teeth. Believe it or not, you might see this practice while you are in Spain with your family. It’s very common to hold the carnation flower between your teeth! Maybe not a great idea to grasp the carnations in your teeth while you walk down the aisle for your wedding in Spain. It might not send the right message to your guests arriving from the UK. They might not understand that this, in fact is a symbol of passion.
It is also said, that if you receive a bouquet of red carnations from a man, it means that he absolutely adores you. If you receive white carnations, it suggests that the man is still single and is looking to date you. These are of course traditions in some parts of Spain.

So, do your research on the meaning of flowers if you are getting married abroad in Spain. People take these things very seriously and selecting the wrong flower can ruin the vibe of your wedding.

Other suggestions

My best friend has recently chosen lavender as her wedding theme. Yes, you guessed right! Everything is also in the colour of lavender. What’s your favourite flower you’ve seen in weddings? I personally like king lilies, but they are so aromatic, it might be too much for some people. Leave a comment!

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Wedding photographer in Marbella

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Getting a wedding photographer in Marbella to complete your wedding is probably the best thing you can think of. First, I want to tell you how amazing Marbella is. I am literally sitting at the table doing some writing, slowly sipping my coffee while enjoying the lovely pouring rain.

It’s nice to get that rainy breeze through the window, but it’s even nicer to enjoy a lovely sea breeze. In the UK, this wind is not very pleasant that comes from the sea. However, I would trade places with having a sea-side window in Marbella immediately!

best wedding photographer in Marbella


Why Marbella

Whenever I think of Marbella, I tend to think of those cocktails that have umbrellas in them. Absolutely stunning and delicious at the same time. Marbella is located in the southern part of Spain. It has a gorgeous coast, and tends to be sunny.

Marbella has become a very popular wedding destination, even for those seeking luxury above all. Known for multiple celebrity sightings, Marbella is the place for you if you want your wedding to have a breath of luxury. Moreover, you will never overpay! Of course if you go to the city centre, and go to the most expensive bars, of course it’s going to raise the price up.

However, if you have a villa wedding, or a beach wedding, you’ll have enough budget to even higher a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

 Yachts and weddings

Marbella is really known for many of its ports for those large millionaire yachts. Ever been on one? Personally, being on a boat makes me feel a bit queasy. Not being a big fan of boats, I tend to get sea sick very easily. Nevertheless, the seas are super calm in that part of Spain. Plus, not everyone has such a sensitive stomach like me.

If you do decide to get married on a yacht, then definitely get a professional wedding photographer in Marbella.

They will have all the necessary equipment that will help stabilise your photos. Plus, they’ll know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, your photos will look like they came out of a popular magazine.

best wedding photographer in Marbella

Beaches and torches

Fancy a tiki wedding? The wedding photographer in Marbella can also help you create stunning sunset shots at the beach. Imagine you say your I-do’s to yourself on a beautiful beach.

Occasionally, you might spot a dolphin spinning and jumping around in the background. Marbella definitely has the upper hand of being ion of the of top vacation and wedding spots in Europe. No need for having a fancy Caribbean or Thai wedding. Just pop over to your nearest airport and fly cheap.

So, did I tempt you for having a wedding in Marbella? If you like wine, amazing food, good weather and friendly atmosphere, then Marbella is for you. Don’t even bother with the extra research. Just look for optimal flights, and go for it! When you are there, hire a professional wedding photographer in Marbella. You won’t regret showing those beautiful photos to your family. Shows a certain status no?

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My best friend’s wedding in Spain – the story of a bridesmaid

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Have you ever been a bridesmaid? If you by any chance had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid, then you know that you played an important role during your best friend’s wedding. My best friend’s name is Anne and she had a gorgeous wedding in Spain. I consider myself truly luck to have been a part of it. I will now tell you how her wedding in Spain went down.

The party on the plane

Anne, me and the rest of the bridesmaids flew together for her wedding in Spain, Marbella. We caused quite the stir on the plane. No surprise there, we are British! Our flight attendants kept serving alcohol on the clock, and we had the time of our lives. I swear, time went by so fast, it felt like we took off and landed in no time at all. I must admit, we got Anne a bit tipsy. I think she finally realize she was heading to her wedding in Spain.

The arrival

We arrived in Marbella! It was sunny and it was hot! Everything that Britain was not. A shuttle picked us up, or rather I would call it a party bus.

Did you know that you can get one of those disco buses for your wedding in Spain?

We know how to have a good time. The shuttle drive us from the airport directly to the beach villa. As you might have guessed, this was a villa wedding in Spain. I don’t know what it is this year, but everyone is doing villa weddings.

The villa

The villa was stunning. It was one of those houses that you know you will never be able to afford. Marble bathrooms, huge sunny rooms, situated on the beach and beautiful back garden. A typical villa for the perfect wedding in Spain.

The last night in the city centre

Marbella is one of those amazing places where you can have the party you expect with a side of luxury. We went crazy with Anne the last night before the wedding. We did a proper bar crawl and ate great tapas. Anne was very cautious not to overdo it on her last night as a single gal. She always made sure that with every drink she drank a glass of water. That’s a very handy trick that I taught her. Ladies, this might just save your lives and your wedding! There is no point in explaining that Marbella is a beautiful historic town. Why don’t I just skip to the wedding!

The Wedding

The wedding was impeccable. Anne and her husband had a beach wedding in Spain.

They hired an altar on the beach and got some stunning sunset photos by a professional wedding photographer in Marbella. To be honest, I was a bit jealous. The bridesmaids stood right beside Anne, supporting the decision of her life. To be honest, the bridesmaids treated this wedding in Spain more as a vacation!

destination wedding in Spain


The afterparty and journey home

On the very next day, we returned home. I was a bit sad to leave Marbella. It truly is one of the most beautiful places to get married. The newlyweds extended their stay and kept the villa to themselves of course. I am truly happy for Anne and wish her all the best. She had a beautiful wedding in Spain and I am grateful I could be a part of it.

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The top five venues to get married in Spain Costa del Sol

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Your memorable day is coming! You are getting married in Spain next year! You have started to plan everything with your fiancée, family and friends.

As you have decided that you wedding will be celebrated in the sunny and caliente Spain, so you have already begun to search for places and destinations. We want to help you in your search and suggest some perfect spots in which you will pronounce ‘I do’. Starting with narrowing down the options to five locations in the beautiful and stunning Costa del Sol, one of the favourite travel destinations in Europe, it will be easier to choose. Are you ready, bride for getting married in Spain? Let’s start!

Getting married in Spain – Beachfront Wedding Venue. There’s nothing more to add.

A luxury and fabulous location, in front of the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the most famous beaches in the city of Marbella. It will be a sophisticated wedding with a touch of exotic: in fact, in the sunniest days you can have a glimpse of the Moroccan coast.

How about getting married in Spain in hacienda?

The hills, a classic and traditional farm refurbished where you can toast to your love with a robust Spaniard wine and celebrate with authentic Spanish food while overlooking the countryside and the sea.

Or maybe 18th – century palace!

An old-style estate, a romantic garden, only ten minutes away from the sea and the centre of Marbella. You will have a majestic and splendid wedding, as a princess!

What about getting married in Spain at one of the luxury hotel in Marbella?

Marbella is surrounded by luxury and V.I.P. hotels, in which you can receive full spa treatments, play golf, drink exclusive cocktails and celebrate your romantic wedding.

Saying “I do” by lake on the Spanish mountains?

Well, Costa del Sol is not only sea and fun but also mountains, lakes and relax. In this resort near a natural lake you can find your peace of mind and romantic quiet for your wedding… and the beach is only 20 minutes away!

In Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Marbella, you will find your perfect destination according to your preferences. Well, call your family and friends, book the venue and pick up your photographer. Everything will be absolutely fantastic!

Getting married in Spain will be your best decision ever. I can promise!

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Dream villa wedding in Malaga

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I just HAVE TO tell you about our amazing villa wedding in Malaga. It’s all you can ever ask for and more!

I would definitely recommend any hesitant British bride to have her wedding in Malaga. The weather is fantastic and the sun always finds a way to touch your skin with so much warmth that you will want to stay outside until the sun sets. Very different story to the UK, where the sun is sometimes considered to be non-existent. We Brits always know how to value the sun and trust me, you won’t regret having your villa wedding in Malaga.

I like to talk out of firsthand experience, so I will tell you about the beautiful villa that we had for our wedding in Malaga. The villa was situated on top of a hill and had more than 20 rooms! It accommodated 22 of our wedding guests (and us of course). We only chose 22 guests because we wanted to keep it intimate and maximize the fun with close friends and family. It was way more economical this way than having to rent rooms in some mediocre hotel. We had all the privacy in the world, we felt like royalty and could party all night long without any noise complaints. What can I say, us Brits know how to get the party started. ?

If you still have any doubts about a villa wedding in Malaga, don’t.

The villa came with a very private couples’ suite for us (the newlyweds), with rose petals on the bed, sweet chocolates on the pillows and amazing champagne waiting for us by the bath tub. I repeat, privacy was great and we had absolutely no issues that we were all in one house. We hardly saw our guests at times as the rooms were so spacious and I think everyone was enjoying their amazing view from their windows. The villa had an amazing view of the city and the ocean itself. Morning coffee had never been more enjoyable than on our terrace.

The beach was accessible within 15 minutes of walking. Who wouldn’t want to walk in the sun anyways?

On our way, the girls always had a slight detour in the city center. The fashion in Malaga is great and you can buy amazing clothes in local boutiques for a great price. We also stumbled across some cocktails every time we took that walk. I forgot to mention that the villa was close to a nearby church, where my husband and I got married. So no need to travel very far from the villa, everything was right next to us.

I am telling you, a villa wedding in Malaga is all you need.

You can enjoy the party of your life without upsetting any neighbours. You get to live like celebrities in a huge villa with views that will take your breath away. You can save tons of money on accommodation while impressing your guests. You have everything in near proximity. And most importantly, you get to brag about your amazing destination wedding in Malaga to your friends back home in the (not so sunny) UK.

dream villa wedding in Malaga Spain

Amazing wedding photographer Spain

Wedding in Spain:” I asked her to marry me and she said yes!”

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We had been together for three years before I popped the question. Though the time was ripe for marriage, neither my wife nor I had put much weight into this question. A little teaser, we had our wedding in Spain with an amazing wedding photographer Spain.

Like many modern couples, we were already living together, and had been for some time. So, we were simply going on with our daily lives, almost feeling like a married couple already. But even still, that idea of putting it on paper, was simmering somewhere on the back of my head. And as I later found out, also in my wife’s mind. So, the day we celebrated our third-year anniversary, I took her out for dinner, to the place where we had our first date. I asked her to marry med and she said yes! Not long after that, the wedding planning started, or at least the brainstorming about how to go about it. And how to find a wedding photographer Spain.

We had a lot of options on the table. Should we go for a church ceremony or for city hall? Where to have the celebration, and who to invite. One of the ideas that my wife came up with was to have the wedding in Spain.

At first, I thought this was an unrealistic idea. How was that ever going to work? Bringing all the guests there, etc. But the more we talked about it, the more it seemed like a fantastic idea. Of course I wanted to give my wife to-be, the wedding of her dreams, so we finally decided on having the wedding in Spain. My wife quickly powered through, and started to organize the details. We managed to get everything in place, even a professional wedding photographer Spain.

best wedding photographer Spain

For the destination we decided on Malaga, because of the many available venues, amazing beaches and not least, the easy access by plane, for us and our guests. We decided to keep the actual wedding rather small. Just the closest family and friends, in fact just 18 people in total. It was without a doubt the most memorable experience of my life, and I can only recommend all of you guys out there to do the same. Your wife will love it, and both of you can spend some days in the sun surrounded by the people you love. Of course you and your fiancé will know what the right choice for you is. But for us, having the wedding in Spain was definitely the right choice.

wedding photographer Spain Malaga city

The city of Malaga is as beautiful and charming as you could possibly wish for.

Not to mention, that you have access to a beautiful beach, and amazing, local food and wine, to pamper your guests with. It’s also a lively place with lots of bars and nightlife, so can arrive some days early and have your stag party in these gorgeous surroundings.

I know we will cherish the memories from the wedding forever, and since we booked a professional wedding photographer in Spain, we can always look through all the photos from those special days.

beach wedding in Spain

Prepare for your beach wedding in Spain!

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As you know, Spain has lots of sunshine and is definitely warm enough to walk in shorts. I know exactly you are thinking! You’re probably thinking that a beach wedding in Spain presents the perfect opportunity to get that tan you’ve been waiting for all year. However, don’t be fooled! First of all, if you are having a beach wedding in Spain, there is no way you’ll get a tan just in a couple of days. You either need a spray tan in advance, or a longer holidays in the sun to get that glow before putting on that white dress. I’ll dig into the details below.

White on white

Let’s state the obvious. Imagine having a beach wedding in Spain, wearing a beautiful white dress.

Do you think the reflected sun rays on that untanned skin will look nice in your pictures against the gorgeous white dress you’re wearing?

beach wedding in Spain

You need to prepare and get yourself a proper tan. You might look too pale in your photos, and trust me, it doesn’t look good. Besides, it takes time for us Brits to get a tan (without looking totally burned). There are a couple of ways you can prepare for this. However, there are also some precautions you should take as well.


Lesson #1 Pre-tan at least 2-3 weeks before

Now, I say this with much love, however, you need to pre-tan for your beach wedding in Spain.

You should tan at least two to three weeks before your wedding day. Why do I say this? There are two very special reasons. The first being, if you tan only a couple of days before, you’ll overdo it and you’ll more than likely turn red. What happens after you turn red? You peel! Surely you don’t want to shed skin down the aisle at your beach wedding in Spain. I think that would even be worse than the skin burn. What do you think? Burn or falling dead skin? Yuck. I vote neither please! For this reason, it’s wise to pre-tan three weeks ahead.

Lesson #2 Spray tan is the easiest, but most trick!

Spray tans are very popular in Britain. Let’s be honest. I don’t know a single British girl who hasn’t put self-tanning lotion on, or tried a spray tan. Have you ever seen an epic fail on spray tanning? Oh, I have, and multiple times! First of all, if you go for a spray tan, make sure it’s at least a week before your wedding. I‘ve seen girls walk down the aisle, while it was really humid. What do you think happened? One girl had her spray tan only two days before her wedding, and it ended up all on her white wedding dress. It was really embarrassing!
The same thing happens with tanning lotion. It ends up directly on the dress. Plus, it melts of off your skin. People will really be able to tell that the tan is fake. Not good for a beach wedding in Spain.
Therefore, I encourage you, prepare in advance! The best thing is to take an extra vacation somewhere. The spray tans went out of style as soon as Trump became president! 😀

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Easter is Over Ladies!

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That’s right! Easter is over and it’s time to start thinking about fitting into that beautiful dress. Like I am the one to talk! I’ve gained around 6 pounds over the Easter break as a result of attending family dinners and eating that lovely food from my grandma. It’s really unfair to think of your wedding in Spain during Easter.

No one can resist grandma’s old pie. If you can, then you deserve a gold medal! So what now? Your wedding in Spain is coming up and the dress is tight. Time to start working ladies! Here are a couple of tricks that might help with getting your desired results.

No carbs

I know it’s an obvious one, but this method has proven to be very effective. Start with eliminating bread. It’s spring and fresh vegetables are accessible everywhere.

Not only will the veggies taste great, but they will also help you fit in your dress by your wedding in Spain.

Don’t eat pasta either! It’s hard to complete this diet without cheating, but it you push yourself it might be worth it.

Lemon water

Yes! When you wake up in the morning, cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and add room temperature water. Don’t you dare add sugar. Then it’ll be even worse. Make sure you drink the lemonade. I lost 2 pounds in a week just by doing this. Some people go a bit extreme and take a shot of freshly juiced ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper. That’s too extreme for me.


wedding in Spain tips

No sweets

This one is the hardest one. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then you are up for a challenge. It all depends on how badly you need to lose a couple of pounds by your wedding in Spain. Also, its great if your wedding dress has stretchy fabric. Beware, most don’t. I have most trouble with omitting sweets and candies. Needless to say, avoiding sweet drinks. What I found that really helped me fit in my dress, were dried dates, apricots and sweet potatoes. These are the types of snacks diabetics use to regulate the sugar in their blood. It will help you control your cravings for sugar. Great technique to monitor your weight.

Soon, you’ll find that your body is bikini ready for your wedding in Spain.


You should engage in an intense cardio session at least once a week for a full hour. A one hour running session will burn around 700 calories on average. If you are not a big fan of running, I also found an excellent technique to keep in shape. Walk to work! If work is too far, simply take a thirty-minute walk after dinner. The Italians do this regularly. Why do you think they are so fit? I tried this, and I can honestly tell you that it worked for me.

If it worked for me, it will work for you as well and will ultimately get you fitting in that dress in no time for your wedding in Spain!

your wedding in Spain Marbella

Easter weddings in Spain 2018

Easter weddings in Spain

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Listen up beautiful Easter brides! I can already tell you right now, that if you are planning to get married in Spain during the Easter holidays, you might want to reconsider. I am not talking about the lack of fabulous weather or food. These two factors will always remain a guarantee for weddings in Spain 2018. However, the Easter holidays in Spain are known for their festivity, drawing lots of locals to celebrate these sacred holidays.

Easter celebrations in Spain

Spain is known as a pretty religious country, so you can expect that Easter holidays are taken very seriously there. Following the Christian calendar, the Easter week in Spain is very sacred and is also known as the Semana Santa. The week starts with Palm Sunday, where the locals worship at churches, carrying always branches of palm trees. Ash Wednesday, which also happens to be the first day of Lent, which lasts until Good Friday. Here, usually people give up sweets, alcohol and even food in some cases.

Still think Easter weddings in Spain 2018 are a good idea?

The lent is then followed by a huge feast on Easter Sunday, where the people enjoy lovely traditional Spanish food. Finally, Easter Monday concludes the Easter week or Semana Santa. Spanish locals generally perceive this as the day of rest and worship.


Easter weddings in Spain 2018

Availability of locals

The Spanish locals are very friendly, generous and willing to show you the best places to eat, drink or party. However, as the locals also engage in various Easter activities as mentioned above, they might be less willing to focus on the tourists, as they have to attend to their family celebrations. Many of them might even be out of town, visiting their grannies and other relatives.


During Easter, you may come across traditional Spanish dishes such as torrijas. What on earth are torrijas? It’s actually slices of bread, prepared in mixtures that consists of eggs, milk and lots of sugar. The pieces of bread are then fried in olive oil and served warm. Do you think it sounds delicious?


Shops will most likely be closed for the holidays. If you and your bridesmaid expect to have fun doing activities such as shopping and going out on bar crawls, Easter might not be the best time to do all of that. A lot of the shops will be closed for Easter and will only reopen after Easter Monday. Hence, Easter weddings in Spain 2018 might not be the best idea.


It’s not only the shops that won’t be available for weddings in Spain 2018, but the churches will be booked out of sermons.

Good luck finding a Church and a priest available during these holy days in Spain. It is highly unlikely that you do. If you dream about getting married in a beautiful Spanish church, do it either before or after the Easter holidays. Easter celebrations in Spain heavily involve going to church, so that’s where you’ll also find the locals. Weddings in Spain during Easter are thus impossible in some areas.

Do your research, if you really want to get married in Spain during Easter so you can prepare for everything!