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Romantic wedding in Malaga

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Many couples hesitate towards choosing the perfect destination for their wedding. A wedding in Malaga is perfect if you like elegance with a slight side of party.

If you are one of those couples who like privacy in their luxurious villas or beach houses with access to a lively town center, then you should have a wedding in Malaga.

First of all, you can access Malaga anytime from anywhere! We have all had that doubt in mind whether we should have a destination wedding. We constantly ask questions like- is it too expensive for our guests to get there? The answer is NO. Malaga is known for cheap Ryan Air flights from all over Europe. There is no excuse for your closest friends and family to miss out on your wedding in Malaga.

Malaga lies on the Costa del Sol with the Mediterranean seaside. Did you know that Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world?

If you are fascinated by culture and history, you should get married in Malaga. You can have beautiful wedding shots taken by a professional wedding photographer in Malaga from the panoramic view from the castle of Gibralfaro. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can enjoy a spectacular view of the city while taking in the history of the city.

Another fun fact – did you know that Pablo Picasso was from Malaga?

Many people don’t. Some couples get their portraits done Picasso style in Malaga. Imagine how amazing it would be to hold a Picasso portrait of you and your beloved. It will be a great story to tell the kids one day. Also, you can brag about having your own Picasso .

If you are really keen for a party and want to keep your wedding guests entertained, you should have your wedding in Malaga in August during the Feria de Malaga. This festival is one of the main highlights of the year, where you can enjoy tapas, wine and souvenirs on the historical streets. Did we mention that flamenco (traditional music of Malaga) is played throughout the Fiera de Malaga?

If you have your wedding in Malaga during August, you will give your guests a memory of a lifetime by supplying them with one big street party they’ll never forget. What happens in Malaga during this event stays in Malaga ;-).

You can also have a dream beach wedding in Malaga by the sunset, or you can private villa wedding. Either way, you will enjoy a cozy pedestrian city center full of history, sophisticated restaurants and hotels, bars on rooftop terraces and amazing tapas.

All in all, cheap flights and a great destination venue. You can fly your guests in cheaply and no one will miss out. No excuses!

Your wedding photos will be amazing with sunset views captured by a professional wedding photographer in Malaga. You can party away with amazing rooftop bars and have the party of a lifetime! Weddings in Malaga are simply amazing!

romantic wedding in Malaga Spain

destination wedding Marbella Spain

The perfect sunset wedding in Marbella Costa del Sol

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Are you searching for an amazing wedding destination?

Well a beautiful beach destination wedding Marbella just might be the perfect wedding tip for you.

Imagine the sunset on the beach in Marbella, where the last rays of sunlight make your ring shine and the sounds of the waves compliment your I-Dos. Imagine your wedding photographer in Marbella capturing his beautiful moment. The smell of seafood accompanied by a tasty champagne on the soft sandy beaches make a wedding in Marbella one of the best beach wedding destinations.

Marbella is a charming city situated in the southern part of the Costa del Sol region.

destination wedding Marbella Spain destination wedding Marbella Spain

No surprise that a lot of couples take the opportunity to celebrate their day in this region, combining a family celebration with the city’s culture and glamorous atmosphere. Amazing food, charming streets and historical buildings are only a few things that makes this place an amazing wedding destination.

There have also been many celebrity sightings in the Costa del Sol region. Julio Iglesias or Antonio Banderas are rumored to be frequent visitors, so ladies if you want to make your last night before your wedding interesting, the region of Costa del Sol is definitely for you.

perfect sunset destination wedding Marbella Puerto Banus

Marbella is a great choice for a destination wedding also because it is accessible to all of your guests.

The Malaga International Airport is very close, so flying in your family, loved ones and even your wedding destination photographer will not be as expensive as you might think at first. Malaga International Airport is known as a hub for budget airlines flying in from most European cities, so flights can be very cheap.

So whether it be your cousins, your aunts, your best friend living in Denmark or your international wedding photographer flying from London, they will be there! As soon as your guests land, they can take a smooth ride along the motorway to Marbella in a shuttle (where the party can already begin – as always). So Marbella again proves itself as one of the best choices for beach wedding destinations.

The groom party can entertain themselves by visiting one of the many golf courses, enjoying some manly time. Other activities men can participate in: yachting, fishing or just drinking in many of the beach bars.

On the other hand, the bridal party can visit the beautiful town center of Marbella, have lunch in one of Marbella’s sophisticated restaurants or enjoy a couple of cocktails on the beach with the gorgeous sunset. You can hire an English speaking wedding photographer in Marbella to capture all these special moments of course!

All in all, the beautiful coastline with exclusive beach views makes Marbella one of the best places for a destination wedding Marbella. Saying your I-Dos under palm trees with an ocean view sounds like a romantic dream come true. And all of this can be captured by a professional wedding photographer by a couple of clicks.

sunset wedding Marbella


Sunset wedding photo Marbella

Sunset wedding photos on the beach- what makes them so special?

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Lets admit, we all have that one special place where the sunset is just so stunning, it takes your breath away!Whether it is a warm tropical Hawaiian sunset, or a golden beach sunset in Spain or even a sunset with the view of the Eiffel tower. Just to feel the sun bounce off on your skin can make that sunset moment magical. This is why couples usually opt for sunset wedding photos on the beach.

But why are sunset wedding photos on the beach taken by a professional wedding photographer so special?

It is because the wedding photographer can capture that perfect lighting on your dress, or is it because that moment is shared between you and your partner for life? The answer is both! Nothing is more special than a couple’s wedding photo on the beach with the sun slowly setting in the back. The sun’s last rays reflected off of the shiny calm waters make the perfect background for your wedding photo.

sunset wedding photos in Marbella beach

But what else is there to a sunset wedding photo on the beach?

Not many brides realize this, but a professional sunset wedding photo shoot guarantees you a great pedicure. It’s a great feeling to dig in your feet into the soft warm sand- not only is it comfortable, but also its also for free ☺. No need to pay for your royal treatment on your special day.

Now fast forward in time a little bit. Imagine you get back from your honeymoon and your sunset wedding pictures on the beach are ready! Of course, this only happens if you hire a professional wedding photographer who knows what they are doing, to spoil you and document your magical wedding day!

Sunset wedding photo Marbella
sunset photos Marbella

But lets get back to the point. Imagine you coming back to find a beautiful wedding album or a thematic storybook.

You see yourself in the most gorgeous light, looking into the eyes of your one and only. You see that beautiful golden light shine on you face, adding a special glow to your skin and a certain sparkle to your eyes. One can almost feel that heat from the sun and the warm moist coming from the sea.

Lets be honest, if you show these pictures to your loved ones – they will envy every single picture you show them. You will have a beautiful beach and an amazing experience to brag about. You should treat yourself, and let the professional wedding photographer pamper you because it is YOUR special day!

So the most important thing that makes the sunset wedding photos on the beach so special is YOU and YOUR day! It’s an experience of a lifetime and you should enjoy it!

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5 good reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the best decisions you will ever make

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A lot of wedding couples go through the very tough decision- should we hire a friend to save money or should we hire a professional wedding photographer Spain?

And the answer is very simple. Always hire a professional wedding photographer!

Here are 5 obvious reasons why:

1) The most obvious reason: Experience

Just because you friend owns a nice camera, doesn’t mean that you should hire him/her straight away. Think about experience. Think about the venue. Mistakes like these are very common when couples hire friends as their wedding photographer. What they don’t account for is the fact that alcohol will be served, and certain things can happen – like loosing the memory card or misplacing the camera. The professional wedding photographer Spain will have done this for a couple of years and handles him/herself with utmost professionalism. You might think this is silly, but these things actually happen, so think twice before hiring a friend. It might be cheaper, but it might cost you so much more in the end!

2) Beautiful photos

You can be 100% assured that the professional wedding photographer Spain will deliver high quality photos of your special day in time. In fact, these photos are usually so beautiful, they can be replicated on a canvas and hung in the house so you can cherish that special moment everyday! All you need to do is to do your research and look through the photographer’s portfolio of work. This can give a pretty clear picture of the quality of photos you can expect!

3) Best practices

Here is where experience comes through again! Couples are so concentrated on creating the perfect wedding ceremony that they forget what comes after! After the photos are taken, the wedding photographer usually puts his/hers connections to use. The professional wedding photographer Spain will know exactly where and who to contact to print our your perfect wedding storybook. He/she will even probably advise you on which templates suits your wedding theme.

4) Its all about them

Wedding ceremonies are about the bride and groom. They should feel like celebrities on that day. It is not only about taking the individual photos,

but also about empowering them and sending a message that they are the most important people on their special day! All focus should be on them!

5) Rebook for pregnancy and family events

Couples don’t really realize this, but their wedding day is not the only special day that live has in store for them. Many couples rehire their professional wedding photographer Spain (who by now knows the couple’s style & taste) for other special events. These include taking pictures of the different stages of pregnancy or witnessing a new addition to the family. There are so many magical moments that life has to offer and people should capture these special moments so they can live forever.

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The top five venues to get married in Spain Costa del Sol

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Your memorable day is coming! You are getting married in Spain next year! You have started to plan everything with your fiancée, family and friends.

As you have decided that you wedding will be celebrated in the sunny and caliente Spain, so you have already begun to search for places and destinations. We want to help you in your search and suggest some perfect spots in which you will pronounce ‘I do’. Starting with narrowing down the options to five locations in the beautiful and stunning Costa del Sol, one of the favourite travel destinations in Europe, it will be easier to choose. Are you ready, bride for getting married in Spain? Let’s start!

Getting married in Spain – Beachfront Wedding Venue. There’s nothing more to add.

A luxury and fabulous location, in front of the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the most famous beaches in the city of Marbella. It will be a sophisticated wedding with a touch of exotic: in fact, in the sunniest days you can have a glimpse of the Moroccan coast.

How about getting married in Spain in hacienda?

The hills, a classic and traditional farm refurbished where you can toast to your love with a robust Spaniard wine and celebrate with authentic Spanish food while overlooking the countryside and the sea.

Or maybe 18th – century palace!

An old-style estate, a romantic garden, only ten minutes away from the sea and the centre of Marbella. You will have a majestic and splendid wedding, as a princess!

What about getting married in Spain at one of the luxury hotel in Marbella?

Marbella is surrounded by luxury and V.I.P. hotels, in which you can receive full spa treatments, play golf, drink exclusive cocktails and celebrate your romantic wedding.

Saying “I do” by lake on the Spanish mountains?

Well, Costa del Sol is not only sea and fun but also mountains, lakes and relax. In this resort near a natural lake you can find your peace of mind and romantic quiet for your wedding… and the beach is only 20 minutes away!

In Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Marbella, you will find your perfect destination according to your preferences. Well, call your family and friends, book the venue and pick up your photographer. Everything will be absolutely fantastic!

Getting married in Spain will be your best decision ever. I can promise!

getting married in Spain
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honeymoon Marbella beach

A bride in search of a honeymoon Marbella!

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You just said yes to the fairytale proposal. A dream is coming true, and the frenzy to find the right dress, the perfect restaurant and of course, the amazing honeymoon Marbella has just started.

Well, while your bridesmaids help you with the wedding preparation, you may open the atlas and choose your destination. Maybe you want to stay in the old Europe, if so, we suggest a perfect spot in the south of the local Spain.

We are talking about Marbella, in between Malaga and Gibraltar, kissed by the Mediterranean Sea and by the sun. Fitting perfectly a wedding holiday made of relax, beaches, and chill out in the evening.

Why? Because Marbella has 27 kilometres of coastline! The coast is divided in different beaches, up to twentyfour, and you just have to choose the one for you! From the Artola Beach to La Fontanilla you will be surrounded by a blue sea and different grades of sand, from golden to black. And of course, in the evening, you can sit in one of the bars in front of the sea and relax and admire the landscape with your love.

If you prefer arts and culture, do not worry, there’s plenty of things to do in the city.

Among the seven museums of the city you can choose, you will find the archeological museum and the more particular Museum of Bonsai. But Marbella is also full of historical spots to visit and explore, as the arabian wall and the old city centre. And do not forget the many festivals held during the year.

Instead, if you are an adventurous and sporty bride why don’t you try to surf on the Costa del Sol during your honeymoon Marbella?

Of course you can, you just have to wait for the right wave. Moreover, there are also many fitness camps where you can exercise and stretch your body to be amazingly fit even when you come back from your wedding holiday. And for just one day, you can make a trip to the Rock of Gibraltar to see the famous monkeys and the caves of the Second World War. Another field trip to make is towards Ronda, an old city built over a 300- feet rock. A landscape which will take your breath away.

Pick up a photographer and prepare your wedding photo book full of unforgettable moments.
Whatever is your perfect honeymoon type Marbella and the Costa del Sol is the perfect place to be!

honeymoon Marbella beach wedding

Majorca destination wedding in Spain

Are you up for a little destination wedding in Spain adventure?

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A colleague of mine was recently in Majorca, Spain. Lucky him! I was stuck at work behind the monitor. Urgh! Nevertheless, when he came back, he told me that Majorca was one of the best places that he’s ever visited! It got me thinking, why not have a destination wedding in Spain, Majorca?

Funnily enough, Majorca reminds me a little of Cyprus. I know it sounds luxurious and expensive, but it’s really not! In fact, many Germans have summer houses in Majorca.

There are plenty of reasons why you should go for a destination wedding in Spain, Majorca.

Majorca destination wedding in Spain

Being on an island is sometimes the best

Great scenery and historical places! Imagine those wedding photos, capturing the beautiful coastal waters in the background. My point here is, that it’s not too crowded with tourists in some villages as other places in Spain such as Marbella or Malaga. In the end, a whole body of water separates the tourists from the natives. I‘d still recommend Majorca for a peaceful and tasteful destination wedding in Spain.

Great romance

It wouldn’t be a perfect destination wedding in Spain without having the perfect setting for romance. This is exactly what Majorca does! Small towns and charming European-like city centers will capture your hearts and get you in the I-do mood! The restaurants, the wine and the views will leave you breathless. Truly cozy and charming to share with your special someone.

sunset in Majorca destination wedding in Spain

When going to Majorca, you will have to fly into the city of Palma. This city is not only filled with stunning sites and a historic churches, it is filled with a party-like atmosphere. Beach bars, sports bars, beach clubs and night clubs are constantly filled with cheap drinks and great music.

Your bridesmaids might even find a date for your destination wedding in Spain, Majorca.

Nature at its best

Do you love nature too? There are so many place you can visit such as the Caves of Drach. These deep and stunning caves will humble you with nature’s beauty. If you are a more of an outdoor sunset view person, then make sure you don’t miss the Cap de Formentor. This cape’s razor-edge cliffs can create a fabulous backdrop for a wedding photoshoot! Just be careful not to fall of the actual cliff.


destination wedding in Spain Majorca
The water is great

Not only does the water look great, it feels great too. Nice and warm. However, many people don’t even think to explore the beautiful waters of Majorca in more detail. It’s actually a fantastic place to snorkel and scuba-dive. I dare you to do an underwater wedding photoshoot. They’ve become very popular you know!


What better way to toast your wedding day than with a glass of delicious local wine from Majorca. In recent years, Majorca is becoming more popular as a wine exporter, as they produce exceptional wine. Yummmm!

Tempted to do a destination wedding in Spain, Majorca? I know I am!