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Important items a bride should NEVER forget for her wedding in Malaga

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Important items a bride should NEVER forget for her wedding in Malaga

  •  Herself

Please please pleaaaaase don’t miss your flight for your wedding in Malaga. I know that you can get cheap flights easily from the UK to Malaga. Try not to party too hard with your besties the night before. You can start the party on the plane and once you are in Malaga.

  • Wedding Dress

A lot of brides make this mistake. They forget their wedding dress! Make sure you pack it carefully and take it with you for your wedding in Malaga. In the worst-case scenario, you can buy a dress in one of the luxurious bridal shops in the city center. But it will cost you extra of course.

  •  Wedding bands

Another common mistake, but an understandable one. It is very easy to forget a tiny box of rings. Make sure you pack these. You don’t want to figure out that you are missing the bands at the altar!

  •  Passport & Birth certificate

Very important not to forget your official documents. Otherwise you won’t be able to tie the knot officially! In Spain, you won’t need anything else than your birth certificate and passport. Don’t worry, if you forgot your passport, you ‘ll find out soon enough at the airport. Naturally, if you already have your wedding license, bring it with you! Very important!

  •  Sun cream – 30+ SPF

Sun cream for anyone coming from a colder northern destination, is an absolute must! Taking care of that skin before your wedding is so important. I can tell you countless stories where the bride didn’t put sun cream on, and she turned out so red on her wedding day. Didn’t look great with the white dress. The lesson learned is that you should put sun cream before your wedding in Malaga. The sun can be quite direct.

  •  Bikini

With sun cream comes the beach and the sea. Take a nice bikini to show off your dedication over the couple of months to fit into your wedding dress. With a fit body ready for a wedding in Malaga, you can enjoy a dip in the sea. It wont be as cold as in the UK

  •  Summer dress

Take a nice dress for you to enjoy, a lovely promenade with your bridal party. With a dress, you will be able to feel to gentle sea breeze, that Malaga has to offer.

  •  Sunglasses

Same way you should protect your skin, you should also protect your eyes. If you have a nice pair of glasses like Dolce’s or Channel, take them and show them off! You will definitely need those sunglasses when you are with your girls on the beach in Malaga drinking your delicious cocktail.

  • Phone and charger

Don’t forget your phone and charger with an adapter. You’ll need them for selfies and in case you go missing on your wedding day in Malaga. No need to explain more

  •  Professional wedding photographer

How else will you document everything? You should absolutely hire a professional wedding photographer in Malaga and make sure you hear clicking sounds of the camera every 5 seconds. You wont regret the pictures and the memories you’ll get out from hiring a professional wedding photographer in Malaga.

beautiful wedding in Malaga 2017

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