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Dream villa wedding in Malaga

I just HAVE TO tell you about our amazing villa wedding in Malaga. It’s all you can ever ask for and more!

I would definitely recommend any hesitant British bride to have her wedding in Malaga. The weather is fantastic and the sun always finds a way to touch your skin with so much warmth that you will want to stay outside until the sun sets. Very different story to the UK, where the sun is sometimes considered to be non-existent. We Brits always know how to value the sun and trust me, you won’t regret having your villa wedding in Malaga.

I like to talk out of firsthand experience, so I will tell you about the beautiful villa that we had for our wedding in Malaga. The villa was situated on top of a hill and had more than 20 rooms! It accommodated 22 of our wedding guests (and us of course). We only chose 22 guests because we wanted to keep it intimate and maximize the fun with close friends and family. It was way more economical this way than having to rent rooms in some mediocre hotel. We had all the privacy in the world, we felt like royalty and could party all night long without any noise complaints. What can I say, us Brits know how to get the party started. ?

If you still have any doubts about a villa wedding in Malaga, don’t.

The villa came with a very private couples’ suite for us (the newlyweds), with rose petals on the bed, sweet chocolates on the pillows and amazing champagne waiting for us by the bath tub. I repeat, privacy was great and we had absolutely no issues that we were all in one house. We hardly saw our guests at times as the rooms were so spacious and I think everyone was enjoying their amazing view from their windows. The villa had an amazing view of the city and the ocean itself. Morning coffee had never been more enjoyable than on our terrace.

The beach was accessible within 15 minutes of walking. Who wouldn’t want to walk in the sun anyways?

On our way, the girls always had a slight detour in the city center. The fashion in Malaga is great and you can buy amazing clothes in local boutiques for a great price. We also stumbled across some cocktails every time we took that walk. I forgot to mention that the villa was close to a nearby church, where my husband and I got married. So no need to travel very far from the villa, everything was right next to us.

I am telling you, a villa wedding in Malaga is all you need.

You can enjoy the party of your life without upsetting any neighbours. You get to live like celebrities in a huge villa with views that will take your breath away. You can save tons of money on accommodation while impressing your guests. You have everything in near proximity. And most importantly, you get to brag about your amazing destination wedding in Malaga to your friends back home in the (not so sunny) UK.

dream villa wedding in Malaga Spain

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