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5 good reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the best decisions you will ever make

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A lot of wedding couples go through the very tough decision- should we hire a friend to save money or should we hire a professional wedding photographer Spain? And the answer is very simple. Always hire a professional wedding photographer! Here are 5 obvious reasons why: 1) The most obvious reason: Experience Just because you friend owns a nice camera, […]

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From Costa del Sol to San Sebastian: Unique Destinations for Holidays

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Spain. The land of fun, sun, sangria and tapas. One of the most famous destinations for holidays and weddings, with its historical cities and beautiful beaches. Have you just got engaged and are you planning your destination wedding Spain? Or are you on a break from work? And maybe do you love the sun and sea, do you want to […]

The best English wedding photographer in Marbella

Destination wedding photographer in Spain, Malaga

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Getting a destination wedding photographer in Spain, especially in Malaga is super fun and super easy! Many people oppose wedding photographers, and I think it’s the stupidest thing a wedding couple can ever do. Destination wedding photographer in Spain is pro, he knows what he is doing and he delivers quality on time. As they say, it’s not their first […]